Who We Are

Jana Wolfgang

Jana is a native of Portland, Oregon. She earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, and subsequently received a Master’s of Science in Medical Technology from Fairleigh Dickinson University. This was followed by national certification as one of the first Substance Abuse Program Administrators (CSAPA) in the country. Before she began consulting with employers about drug-free workplace programs, she worked as a medical technologist, med tech educator, and technical writer. For the past 30 years, as owner of Wolfgang Associates, Inc., Jana has been involved in all aspects of this business. Her core work involves assisting employees with the return-to-work process after drug test problems as part of labor-management programs; developing and revising employer drug-free workplace policies; and training supervisors and managers in reasonable suspicion determinations. She finds helping both employees and employers to be very satisfying, and enjoys the fact that every day is different in this work, with fresh challenges all the time. In her free time, Jana reads, walks her dog, and sings in her church choir.

Magalyn Fekaris, Substance Abuse Program Administrator

Also hailing from Portland, Magalyn earned undergraduate degrees in Social Sciences and Arts and Letters from Portland State University, as well as national certification as a Substance Abuse Program Administrator (CSAPA). She has worked in customer service-oriented jobs throughout her career, including the past 8+ years at Wolfgang Associates, Inc. and Northwest Drug-Safe. At NWDS, she has a long list of responsibilities: billing/finances; assisting clients with DOT regulation/drug-free workplace processes and questions; troubleshooting problems with DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol tests; performing “undercover” collection site audits and FTA contractor audits; revising employer policies; and, always, providing amazing client service. Magalyn’s favorite thing about her work is that she gets to learn all the time, and she delights in passing that knowledge onto her clients. In her free time, Magalyn enjoys spending time with her horse, playing with her dog, cooking, reading, and watching movies.

Dia Fekaris

Another Portland native, Dia earned a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University in Film and English, and worked as an administrative assistant for Wolfgang Associates, Inc. for two years before becoming random selections manager for Northwest Drug-Safe. In this role, Dia is in charge of performing the random selections for all clients, keeping the information in the NWDS database accurate, making sure that DOT consortiums meet compliance for the year, and making drug-free workplace ID cards for union members every week. Dia’s favorite part of her job comes at the end of each year, when she gets to send clients their annual statistics documenting compliance. In her free time, Dia loves to read and write.

Jennifer Peacock

Born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon, Jenn studied business administration at Umpqua Community College and Portland State University. She has worked in a variety of medical offices, including urgent care, family practice, and occupational medicine. She also served as the administrator for the Certification Commission for Drug and Alcohol Program Professionals (CCDAPP). Jenn now acts as Hearing Conservation Program Manager and office administrator at Northwest Drug-Safe. She enjoys the flexibility and variety of working in a field she’s been in for 20+ years, and especially working with Jana. When she’s not at work, Jenn loves being with her family and friends and making music, especially playing the piano and singing.